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Scott Rogers has been selling on Ebay dating all the way back to 2003. In that time he has built several multi-million-dollar eBay accounts and has been very successful in the e-commerce industry as a whole. He has built relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all over China, Hong Kong, and other various places and has also developed relationships here in the states with big box retail names like JC Penney, Dillards, Macy’s, Wayfair, and Best Buy just to name a few.

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After having such success and the number of people that came to me for guidance, it was obvious I needed to create something that would work for everyone.

Scott Rogers on the reason for “Ebay Blueprint”


The Course The Ebay Blueprint Mastermind Starts out as a multi level video course designed to provide step by step training for selling on Ebay. Beginning with your account set-up and walking you through topics such as what items to list, how to list them, where to get items to sell, shipping, communicating with your customers, what makes a quality sales page and how to rank it. But he takes it even further and provides all the resources and information you need to start your very own online business. This course gives you the opportunity to create your own company.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see the inside of the Blueprint Mastermind.

The program is loaded with all the right information; all the suppliers, all the teachings, all the tips and techniques and all under one roof. Now you can go out and start your very own business. Create, run, manage and control every aspect of it. You’re not creating a business within a business, you’re not creating a business under some other company, you’re not creating a downline, you’re not producing some sort of business model under another business. You are creating your very own business. But it’s no different than opening up a restaurant or bar or cell phone store. You have to follow the plan diligently.

The goal was to put enough information in here for beginners, intermediates and advanced superstars. It doesn’t matter if your brand new to ebay or been selling on eBay for 10-15 years, you can never know too much. There’s always new information to be learned. They’ve created every possible scenario for every level regardless of where you’re at. If you are just doing this as a hobby, or just starting out with drop shipping, or are ready to stock your warehouse, They have it all in there. And they are constantly adding more. They are working now on an Amazon program, step by step case studies where you will just need to watch what they do and copy it yourself.

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Variety equals higher profits – With over 1.5 million products under this system that you can literally push straight to ebay within seconds, you will not have a problem finding items to sell. They’re not teaching arbitrage or Amazon to ebay or ebay to Amazon. They’re teaching you how to make money on Ebay. 

Scale Your BusinessMany people are interested in owning or managing their own inventory, That’s just the way business works. You have to hold inventory to leverage cost and maximize profits. But not everybody has the resources or the experience or the expertise to start there so that’s why they have the drop shipping suppliers scenario set up for beginners. As you scale, and as you grow, and your profits increase then you can take action on utilizing their retailers, wholesalers and suppliers, both local and overseas.

Big Box RetailersOne of the bonuses with this program is the relationships they have with the big box retailers, where they can buy their overstock, their shelf pulls, their seasonal change items, their returns and many others for only pennies on the dollar, well below their original cost. There are pallets of items from places like Walmart, Best Buy, Dillards, Wayfair, Macy’s, and on and on. They have the resources to supply virtually any product and that gives you a one up to leverage over much of the competition. This is where the big boys buy. There’s people buying truckloads of merchandise for pennies on the dollar and Scott Rogers gives you direct access to enable you to find that same merchandise at the same cost the big boys are paying. The leverage you’re getting from Scott’s relationships are worth the cost of admission in itself.

FacebookOne of the highlights of this program is the private facebook group, where you can go to collaborate with other like-minded individuals who are building their business too. But they take it another step further and the creators of the Ebay Blueprint Mastermind are in the group answering questions, every day, all day long.  People are collaborating on different ideas and different ways to sell, how to do this or how to maximize that. Group buys of materials, helping each other out, its all one big family.

Internal FundingThis is packed full of resources for every aspect of the business. If you’re serious about growing a business they even have funding options available. Funding resources gets you immediate cash for buying inventory to scale your business. Even if you don’t feel like you need the training or the education, the resources alone can make the difference in your success.

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“We are simply giving you the right tools and resources to go out and be successful.”

Scott Rogers


The Downside to this program, if there is one, is the video training courses. They are packed with quality, necessary information, however, they take the long way around to get it all delivered to you. There is some aimless rambling, where with a little more focus they could have cut 25% of the videos out. They have a tendency to go off on tangents so it takes a little longer to finish. It’s all valuable information, but not necessarily critical to the training process. it is not always in the best logical order, either. But again, by the time it is all said and done, you know what you need to do. I do have to say at this point, though, they are in the middle of upgrading the program and all the videos, so it is only getting better.

To me, this is not a deal breaker. It is still a quality program and the coaching and guidance is unmatched by most programs, especially for the price. You could pay thousands of dollars elsewhere, but you won’t get any more than what you are getting here, for a fraction of the price. I can go on and on about what they offer, but I have taken enough time. My suggestion is to jump in and see what it’s all about.

The best part, is they offer a monthly price or a one time price for whatever works with your budget. My suggestion is to take the lifetime price if you can afford it because you are going to want to stay in and it just doesn’t make sense to pay a monthly fee if you don’t have to. However, if you are not able to do that, there is an introductory price of $7.99 that will give you 80% of the video training and enables you to see how everything works.

But it gets better! For the month of July they are offering a 50% discount on the lifetime plan, plus they are giving you the merchandise to sell that will more than cover the cost of admission! ACT NOW! Click the image below to join now!

blueprint special

If you still want to see more, this video will take you through the program and show you exactly what is inside. Or you can get started right here.

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