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If You Are Selling On Ebay…

For anyone selling on Ebay or considering selling on Ebay, this new release from the creators of Easy Web Video will get your attention. Todd Gross along with Shawn Pringle and Michael Krise have created a way to add videos into your Ebay listings! Although that may not be anything new to some people, for the rest of us, adding videos to our listings can be a pain in the neck. The hassles of uploading the video somewhere and then trying to figure out what format works best for Ebay and then making sure it is mobile responsive. According to my sales reports on Ebay each month, anywhere from 35 – 45% of my sales are from mobile phones. So, your listings really need to be mobile friendly!

All In One Place…

Easy Web Video has added a module to their program that enables you to choose one of your videos and create an Ebay listing with it. From right inside the module you can add all the pertinent information, such as titles, categories(including sub categories),shipping info, quantities, and even full descriptions. There is no need to go into Ebay. You can do it all from inside Easy Web Video. From creation to posting, it is just that easy.

The Good News…

Other than the ease of use of this software, there are two other points I want to emphasize: The first one is the fact that you don’t have to be a full member of the Easy Web Video to use this module. A lot of new sellers can’t afford, or just don’t want the extra monthly bill that comes with this type of software. Well, now you have an option. you can purchase just the Ebay Edition of Easy Web Video for one low price, without the recurring monthly fees.(see below) The second point is the attention grabbing thumbnail photo that is inserted into your listing. The image below shows the listing with the thumbnail that comes up in the buyer’s search.

video thumbnail in ebay listing

How’s that for grabbing a buyers attention?

And The Bad News…

There isn’t really a whole lot of downside to this software, but as with everything, there is always something that you may not like. Personally, the biggest thing that I have found is depending on what you list, or maybe I should say what specifics you list, you may need to go into Ebay for an additional tweak or two. On occasion I like to add a subtitle to my listing. That isn’t an option through the Easy Web Video Ebay module. You also may need to tweak your shipping information if you use various options, such as expedited shipping options. these are minor issues and may not affect everyone, but it is one of the downsides. The other item to note is you need  an Amazon S3 account. Now this is not the end of the world, and if you do not have an account, they will walk you through signing up. But there may be a nominal charge to use Amazon S3, but I do mean nominal. the cost is based on the amount of space your videos take up on their servers, but I am talking literally pennies a month. Not enough to even give it a second thought. So again, not a major downside, but I did mention above that there were no additional monthly fees involved, so I wanted to point that out. If you want to see more, just watch this video:

Don’t let anymore buyers just skim past your item in the listings…Get their attention while they have their credit card in hand! Be one of the first sellers to take advantage of this opportunity. This is a limited offer, so go now and see what the Easy Web Video – Ebay edition is all about before they either close it to new members or raise the price.

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