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With all of the changes that are being made to health insurance in the United States, the average American doesn’t really know if they are coming or going!

What’s covered? what’s not covered? How much is my deductible? How much are my premiums going to be? Can I get coverage? Is this considered a pre-existing condition? Do I have to have insurance? If I can’t afford it, what are my options? What procedures are covered? Can I get dental or vision insurance? If so, is it even worth it? And what about my pets? Is there something available for them?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this problem is never going to change!

Unfortunately, it seems the more confusing they make health insurance, the less arguments they get, because most people don’t understand enough to contest the big companies or even know what questions to ask!

The good news is there is a solution to all of this that is taking over the market!

It’s called Benefit Together

Benefit Together is a Health Discount Company – which has negotiated complex contracts with nationally established providers to offer a comprehensive package of major discounts on many commonly used health and wellness products and services. It’s very similar to a Costco, Sam’s Club or AAA Card. The program offers savings on 10 core services, that the majority of Americans need and use on a regular basis. It is not a health insurance, because then you would be right back where you started. This is better than health insurance. This actually helps you pay for services and products that you are going to need and have to pay for anyways.

Let’s face it, with the so called “Affordable Health Care Act” in effect, everyone is going to have to have insurance or pay a penalty. And unfortunately, in an effort to make it more affordable, One of three things is going to happen:

  • Coverage is going to be reduced
  • Premiums are going to go up
  • Deductibles will be astronomical

You choose your poison!

The benefits that you receive from health insurance coverage is already questionable as to whether it is worth it and premiums are already to high, so it is only getting worse. And as for deductibles, did you know that 90% of families who have medical insurance with an annual deductible of $2,000 or more never reach their deductible, resulting in costly out-of-pocket medical expenses?

That’s where Benefit Together comes in…

Benefit Together is not a health insurance. It is a supplement to help offset some of the costs of medical services and other out of pocket expenses. If you are going to have to have insurance, or you already have it, Benefit Together can help you pay for it. It does this by saving you money on the back end, which leaves you more for your premiums. It also allows you to choose a higher deductible, which will in turn lower your premium. Just look at what’s available to you when you sign up for Benefits Together:

Doctors By Phone
CallMD – ­ The ability to call a Doctor 24/7 and answer health related issues and/or write prescriptions and phone them in to your local pharmacy – all without leaving your house! 12 doctor phone consultations/prescriptions are included each year with any Benefit Together plan. This is a revolutionary health and wellness service.

Dental Services
Aetna Dental Access ­ Vast savings at any of the 132,000+ dentists within the network. With or without dental insurance, this is an incredibly useful service as nearly all dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures.

Optometry/Vision Services and Products
VSP – A network of over 44,000 nationwide optometrists will accept the Benefit Together Discount Card for optometrists services and products. My significant other (who has dental/vision insurance through her employer), recently used the card to save $350 on special eye glasses which were not covered by her insurance. Approximately 3,000,000 Americans now have access to VSP Optometrists.

Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists & Fitness Clubs
American Specialty Health – There are 20,000+ participants in this network, offering saving on specialty health services. There are also 15,000+ fitness clubs included.

Pet and Veterinarian Discounts
Pet Assure – A network of 3,200+ vets throughout the country offering 25% – 30% savings on typical veterinary services including: treatment, medicine, grooming and pet supplies.

Hearing Services & Products
Hear PO – 3,300 hearing specialists offering discounts on hearing services and products including hearing exams and hearing aids from the nations leading suppliers.

Labs and Imaging Services
Galaxy Health Network – Major cost savings on nearly any type of lab work and imaging services including: MRE, CT and PET Scans.

Medical and Diabetic Supplies
Better Living Now – 20 to 40% savings on 100,000+ medical supplies including: Diabetic strips & readers, home medical supplies, baby/infant care, male/female person products and nearly all commonly used medical/health related items.

Prescription Medication
MedImpact – Save up to 60% on over 17,000 prescription medications at over 64,000 pharmacies including: Walgreens, CVS, Costco, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Long Drugs and many more. Both brand and generic prescriptions are offered.

Vitamins/Supplements and Common Nutrition Products
Swanson – 20,000+ of the most commonly used items found at nutrition and drug stores. These products are offered at the lowest price guaranteed, delivered to your door. Name brands include: Twin Lab, Now, Natures Way, Gillette, Keurig, Alka-Seltzer and thousands more.

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